Every Sunday and Tuesday: Laughing Spree. Comedy Show.

It’s Comedy in English. On a Boat. On the Spree. It’s Laughing Spree Comedy!

And it’s all for free, including compulsory FREE SHOTS at the door!

Berlin’s most scenic comedy show will brighten up your day and make you laugh.

Laughing Spree Comedy is a weekly comedy show, hosted by Comedian Chris Doering, with an extremely friendly atmosphere and some of Berlin’s finest comedians, lots of guest comedians from all over the world and the occasional first timer.

When? Every Sunday and Tuesday
Where? The Floating Lounge
When again? Doors open at 7pm on Sunday and 7:30pm on Tuesday, Show starts Sunday at 8pm and Tuesday at 8.30pm (typically ends around 10.30-11pm)

You can reserve some “tickets”  at laughingspreecomedy.eventbrite.com/#events .

Each Comedian has 5-7 minutes to make you laugh.

If you want to do a spot, please write “spot” on the discussion page of the facebook event.

See you buoys and gulls aboard the ship. Keep on laughing!