Every Thursday: Love in Berlin – The Good, the Bad and the Ugly (+FREE SHOTs)

A Standup comedy Show in English where we figure out how to find a partner in Berlin, how to keep one or how to get rid of one!

This time it’s hosted by the brilliantly funny and helpful Tera Comedy.
WE will bring our helpful comedy show to talk about all things LOVE back to the boat! And we will have a brilliant Aftershow Party with music and dancing – use this as an opportunity to get to know one another.
Come to our pre-show mixer from 7.30pm to mingle and meet new, cool people.
We do FREE SHOTs till 8pm! Also we do a fun aftershow party with music and socialising afterwards.
Finding someone in Berlin can be tough. Being in a relationship can be even tougher still. Between swipes, hookups, in-laws and exes, it’s tough out there. Let us help you navigate this treacherous territory with some humour. Plenty of laughs with brilliant comedians, who will bare it all in front of you. Hilarious honesty you can laugh at or with – your choice.
This is a very friendly show, where we all share the same pain – cause in the end, it’s all about LOVE.
Join us and see a set of hilarious comedians from all over the world – some single, some married – to figure out how to find LOVE in this city.
We also do a live match-making session. This is a low pressure environment where you write what you are looking for in a person on a piece of paper and we’ll anonymously talk about it on stage and try to find someone who’s got what you want. You can then connect after the show (if you like; if you don’t no one will know).
Share in/compare stories about:
– how to lower your standards to find the “best” partner?
– when do you give up entirely and start a relationship with the voices in your head?
– who takes the trash out? Does anybody?
– who buys flowers? Why not a cactus?
– who takes care of the bills? And why do we have som many friends called Bill?
– how much nonsense should you to take from his/her parents?
– which sex clubs are couple friendly?
– how much bathroom alone time is too much?
– when do you bring the ropes into the bedroom and MORE!
This is a ticketed show!
You can buy
– a Commitment Ticket, where you pay 2€ up front (above) and 12€ at the door (cash or card).
– a Welcome to the Orgy Ticket, where you pay 2€ up front (above) and only 10€ at the door if you bring 4 friends/lovers
– a Late Bloomer Ticket, where you pay 2€ up front (above) and only 10€ at the door if you can show us a valid student ID
– pay 19€ at the door without an eventbrite ticket ( if we have seats left